Pristine Grocery Delivery of 30A

Grocery Delivery Service in Santa Rosa Beach and 30A

Grocery List Order Form


Our service fee is $35 per hour plus 20% of the grocery bill’s total. Once we receive your grocery list, we will send you an estimate. You will be required to pay the estimate upfront and the service fee upon delivery. Your order can be cancelled and is fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to delivery date. Should you cancel within 24 hours prior to delivery date there will be a $25 cancellation fee. You can not cancel your order if groceries have been already purchased.

Your Contact Information

Please let us know the rental agency you are using or the name and number of the personal Vrbo or Airbnb owner so we can contact them as vendors to get master codes so that we can enter before you even arrive and have all your items neatly stocked and put away.

Your Grocery List

Please be as specific as possible if there’s a certain name brand for instance. If not we will grab the closest substitute and a compatible product will be substituted. We will always notify you if we feel we aren’t meeting your grocery needs so we can work out the best substitute possible.
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